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Prepare for your first tech job in Germany, with technical & language training, industry-recognised certification, a 3 month internship and many employment opportunities.

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  • For who?

    Jobseekers & Career Changers living in Germany. No experience required. Minimum B2 English & B1 German.

  • 3 Month Internship

    In the last 12 months - 20,000 jobs were posted for ServiceNow professionals in Germany, with an average starting salary of 59k€.

  • Next Class Begins:

    ?️ 13th of November 2023

A Career Accelerator

for jobseekers in Germany.

A ServiceNow technical and career skills training program to help you land a job as a ServiceNow Associate & Certified professional in Germany.
In collaboration with Lingoda, iTSM Group and Kiron Open Higher Education, our comprehensive curriculum enhances technical expertise, and includes German language & integration classes.

Service Now Certified
  • System Admin
  • Application Developer
Language Learning

?? Improve your Business & Technical German (from B1 upwards) + German Integration Course


Anywhere in Germany.
Classes are instructor lead live online.


20 Weeks + 12 Week Internship
@40 hours per week

The digital workforce

of today, and tomorrow.

Our custom program offers immersive, hands-on experiences that mirror real-world scenarios, providing valuable insights into working with the ServiceNow platform and ecosystem.

Upon graduation, with both CSA and CAD certificates, you’ll be prepared to embark on a career with;

– leading ServiceNow customer companies,
– partners,
– or even ServiceNow itself

Notable companies in Germany include: Deloitte, Fujitsu, Aldi North, ITSM Group, GuideVision, Cancom and many more …

Certified & Ready

for a role in the ServiceNow ecosystem

Empower yourself with essential tech skills through our comprehensive program. Obtain certifications, enhance communication abilities, and unlock exciting career opportunities. Bridge the talent gap and step into a future of endless possibilities.

  • ServiceNow Platform
  • Java Script
  • Scripting
  • Portal Fundamentals
  • IT Service Management
  • Application Development
  • Employability Skills
  • German Language
  • German integration
  • 💻 Macbook Included

Talent Accelerator

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Course Info.

Apply now for one of 15 places in the upcoming class.

What is needed?

You are unemployed (or soon to be) and living in Germany

Fluent & fully proficient in English (B2) & German (B1)

Can commit to Full-Time Monday to Friday (09:30 – 18:30)

An interest to work in tech & ServiceNow ecosystem

Motivation to transform your career

High school education or equivalent
AND 3+ years work experience

a two-year degree or higher
OR completed coding bootcamp


Website Application

After submitting the online form, our admissions team will screen your application to ensure you are a qualified and a good fit for the program. If approved, you will then receive an email with the next steps.


Student Admissions

Upon approval from the admissions team, you’ll receive a link via email to a questionnaire. This asks about your educational and work history, your motivation for the course, and requires you to upload your CV and an audio presentation. This helps us assess your course suitability, commitment, and motivation.


Phone Assessment Call

After submitting your questionnaire, we will review it and get back to you. In the case that you’re eligible to join the course, we will schedule a call together and send you the documents to be forwarded to your advisor for their approval.


Bildungsgutschein Approval

This stage requires you to get approval for this course from your advisor at the employment agency.

** This process may take several weeks, the earlier you start your Bildungsgutschein process the better.

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Why ServiceNow?

The world works with ServiceNow.

ServiceNow is a global leader in digital workflow automation, providing abundant career opportunities.

Its transformative technology revolutionises business operations, while its global reach opens doors to international prospects.

With a commitment to continuous growth, ServiceNow is shaping the future of digital transformation. Choose ServiceNow to join a powerful ecosystem that empowers businesses and professionals in the digital age.


What is a Bildungsgutschein?

What is a Talent Accelerator?

How does this differ from a coding or career bootcamp?

Is attendance compulsory?

Do you provide a laptop for the course? Can I keep the laptop after the course ends?

Which German language level will be taught during the course? I don’t speak German. Can I apply for the course?

Are the ServiceNow certification exams & costs included in the course? That is the Certified System Admin (CSA) and Certified Application Developer (CAD) certificates.

Do I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

I don’t have any experience in tech, can I join?

What additional requirements are there to receive an offer to participate in this course?

Is there a job guarantee? Will I get a job at ServiceNow?

Do I need to do a StartSteps Orientation Course (Compass or Tech:Mentor) before beginning this course?

Career Accelerator

With our Language, Technical & Integration partners

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Talent Accelerator

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